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From Fashion Design School to Celebrity Collaborations

Fashion design school helped Carrie Cochran say RICKY MARTIN wore my T-shirt. Well, not her personal shirt — Carrie actually custom-designed T-shirts for the popstar to wear throughout his world tour in 2005. That was a proud moment for the thriving fashion designer.Carrie has dreamed of a fashion design career for a long time. “I’ve always had a talent with creativity and art,” she explains. “When I was a teen, I would sew and design my own clothes and costumes. Sewing and fashion was my hobby, and I spent all my free time doing it.”Carrie was a natural, so she steadfastly headed to a fashion design school to cultivate her craft. She attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where she eventually graduated with honors. “The fashion design school was close to home and I easily attended while still living at home with my parents,” she recalls. “After visiting the fashion design school, a guided tour with a counselor nailed my decision down.” Excited by what the fashion design college had to offer in terms of classes, an annual fashion show that students participated in, and educational trips to New York and Paris, Carrie knew she wouldn’t regret choosing fashion design college.”I’m very proud to have graduated with honors from a fashion design school,” she explains. “I was able to work consistently in a fashion design career since then to support myself using my skills. All my hard work really paid off when I received a phone call from tennis legend SERENA WILLIAMS, who was asking me to be a part of her fashion company, Aneres.”It’s all a matter of who you know and how you get your name, work, and garments out there, according to Carrie. Doors to other opportunities have opened up with every one of her pieces that gets worn. “I was introduced to Ricky Martin about a year ago through a friend. He had seen my work and fell in love with it,” she says. “He wore one of my accessories to last year’s Video Music Awards on MTV.”As a result, Carrie created an entire collection of accessories, as well as custom T-shirts for the Latin singer which he sported throughout his world tour last year.So now that Carrie has her dream fashion design career realized, what’s next? Fashion design college yet again to get her masters perhaps? Maybe even more celebrity collaborations? The sky is the limit once an aspiring fashion designer has experience and a degree to back up his or her credentials. For Carrie, the next step may be a fashion design business.

Managing a Home Business and the Family

Your home business is operated within the home environment and that is why it’s called a ‘home’ business in the first place. While you enjoy all the convenience and privacy that this form of business offers, you are also faced with the challenges of having to manage the home’s factors in a way that the success of the business is not hindered. Although, the task can be a bit tough for a married business person, it can be tougher if he or she has kids. The unmarried too are not spared in the challenges that the home front presents to a home business.From a general perspective, it can be proven that your success in managing the home will impact positively on the home business and the otherwise would be the case if all your effort is towards building your home business at the expense of your family’s well-being. If this fact is worth accepting as a piece of truism, then every tip that can help a home business person to be successful at the home front should be considered.The state of your home environment is important to your business. You need to maintain a viable business environment and that is right in your home! As a married person, one way you can achieve that is by creating an atmosphere of love among all. Clean and organized home environment has the capability of enhancing your business greatly. Every member of your family should be enjoying your doing the business at home. You are closer to them now and they expect to get the best of you in terms of love, care, moral support and so on. If they find these satisfactorily, they are most likely going to go to any length in supporting your business. You require their support to succeed in your home business.Next, your determination to succeed in your home business is important. The home factors present a lot of challenges that could easily put you off the original dream. But if you’re determined to reach the goal of success, you’ll have it. Your level of determination should however overwhelm the numerous challenges being presented by the home factors.Furthermore, you need to understand your family’s demands. What does your family love doing: vacation, eating out more often, gaming, music, religion, etc? What time do the kids love to play with their dad or mum? The kids would naturally need their parents’ helping hands on their school assignments and the like. All these social and emotional factors are to be considered for proper attention. Understanding these factors would enable you properly harmonise your business’ demands and thereby attain good results.That takes us to examining your home business’ demands. Are you required to work at any particular time of the day or night? Do you need absolute silence and quietness to work effectively? What are the internal and external factors that could aid or hinder your work? What contributions would you require from your spouse or even your kids? If you understand all these, then you’re most likely going to get them better harmonized with your family’s demands for success.As you are likely going to be working based on a pre-defined work plan, you are expected to constantly explain your work plan and business demands to your family members. To achieve this with your spouse and grown-up kids may be easier though, it can become a difficult talk show with your little ones. So, you may have to employ patience, gentleness and other aids to pass the message across to them without allowing the business or the family to surfer.Therefore, your work schedule must give room for flexibility as much as possible. You must be able to bend the rule a little to the left or right as the case may be in order to record success at both ends. Being too rigid about the business would definitely affect the home negatively and the result would sooner or later adversely impact on the business, leading to failure at both ends.Finally, you need to regularly get feedback from both ends. Introduce a method of checking your success level at both ends knowing that you must not fail at either end. As failure at one end tends to spell failure on the other, you have to institute check and balances and enjoy the exponential success that could result from your effective management of your home business and family.

Earn Extra Money – Online Business For Sale

You can find an online business for sale on the internet. You can usually find them in all sorts of niches as well. It might take some extra time looking for just the right one, but there are people out there that actually build websites or businesses online and then sell them to others.Making an online business for sale might seem like a lot of work to some of us, but there are a select few that actually have no problems getting a website put up. In fact, a few people actually enjoy this type of work much more than other aspects of making money online. Building the websites provides them with an extra income so long as they can keep selling them. If they cannot sell them then they are stuck trying to keep making a profit of a few sites instead of building more. Internet marketing is not for everyone even though it can be done by anyone.Online business for sale could mean a few different things, but most times it is a site that someone took the time to build and then link enough to get some traffic to. Buying this type of site, or business, is a great idea for those of us who enjoy the marketing portion of keeping the profits coming in. It also allows the other person to build another site to sell. In essence it creates an income for at least two people and that is always a good thing. The internet is so big that there is always room to share out there without losing your piece of the profits.You should make sure that the business you are buying is something that you know you can market effectively. You do not want to waste your money on something you cannot make money off of. There are a few ways to market a business that include writing articles or blogs, but you can use other forms of driving traffic as well. For example, backlinking and social bookmarking are usually good ideas to drive traffic. If you are more interested in doing this sort of work; then finding an online business for sale could make a huge difference for you. You could see profits faster because the site is already established, and it will save you the time and frustration of having to try and build it. In short, just about everyone could win so long as they are willing to do the work