Food to Prevent Aging That I Highly Recommend – The Top 4 Cheap and Easy to Find Anti Aging Foods

“You are what you eat.” By consuming the correct types of food to prevent aging, you can actually slow down your biological clock, effectively. However, before that do you have any idea on what these foods are? Not sure? Well, below are some examples…(1) The Top Food to Prevent Aging – TomatoI love tomatoes! They are rich in lycopene, which antioxidant power is 20 times stronger than vitamin C. Which type of tomatoes is the best? The Small tomato. This is because small tomato contains higher level of vitamin C. What is the best way to consume tomatoes to prevent aging? Eat cooked tomatoes. Although most vitamin C in the cooked or processed tomatoes (tomato sauce, tomato paste, canned tomatoes) is destroyed, the level of lycopene in it does increase several times and therefore the stronger its antioxidant capacity!(2) GrapeSame as tomato, the antioxidant capacity of anthocyanins found in grape seed is 20 times stronger than the vitamin C, 50 times stronger than the vitamin E! However, due to the lack of fermentation, grape fruits and grape juice possess far less antioxidant power than red wine. Therefore, get yourself a glass of red wine per day; it is a good food to prevent aging!(3) Green Tea High in antioxidant, at the same time can help to reduce fats. Prevent aging and weight losing in one goes, why not?(4) SalmonSalmon is rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which possesses a very strong anti-oxidant effect. Other poultry however, due to their higher level of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, will greatly affect the anti-oxidation power of the omega-3. This is because these two kinds of unsaturated fatty acids must be maintained in a specific ratio inside the human body. Increases the consumption of omega-3 not only can help to balance these fatty acids, the anti aging effect of omega-3 also becomes more significant. In general, the wild salmon is particularly an excellent food to prevent aging, as it contains higher levels of omega-3.I used to spend a lot on anti-aging skincare products. However, the results were quite disappointing. Some of them seems unsuitable to my skin type, while others are just do not work at all…

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